6. januára 2014

My Make-Up Routine


Hello, guys!
This is my everyday make-up routine.
I start with applying my make up (Rimmel Stay Matte in 200 Soft Beige), it is great make-up, has perfect coveridge, but I don´t like that if I use too much of it, it´s cakey.
Then I´m continuing with my concealer (Maybellin Affiniton in 02 Natural). I found it in one make-up video by MichellePhan and I love it, I´ve been buying it for 2 years. It has perfect coveridge and still really light texture.
I´m using pressed powder by Pupa in number 02, maybe.. It´s so used up and broken so I really cannot tell you, guys, more than a brand!
Also I love using blushes, they can make a huge difference in your make-up. I like changing two by Pupa, one is rose colour with little bit of sparkle (Luminys) and another one in orangy colour, which makes my skin pop.
Lately, I´ve been using highligher by L´Oréal Paris - Lumi Magique in 2 Medium. I bought it, because I wanted to try a new concealer and I liked packaging. But I chose too light colour, so for covering imperfection it is unuseful for me. But I started to use as a highligher and as a highlidhter it is perfect!!! Here is a picture of Kim K., a master of highlighting and contouring face. In the picure are shown areas where you should apply highlighter and also contour.
By the way, I´m still looking for a good contouring tool.
Hope you enjoyed.


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