15. decembra 2013

Winter Nails

Hi, everybody! I´m here with a new winter nails!
Let´s get started:
1. Apply base coat to protect your natural nails.
2. Paint your thumb and pinky finger navy blue, middle and pointy finger dark purple and ring finger silver.
3. Create a snowflake on your thumb and pinky finger with white striper by drawing 4 lines and create little stkokes. Add some dots as other snowflakes and apply glittery top coat.
4. Apply silver dots onto your pointy finger, then apply top coat and spread some glitters all over and seal everything together with really glittery top coat.
5. Apply some silver polish onto your sponge and dab it onto upper half of your nail. Seal everything together with glittery top coat.
For ring finger apply coat of top coat and then apply many glitters all over. Press it hard to the polish and seal with glittery top coat to protect it from chipping.
And your nails are done. I hope you liked! 


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