6. októbra 2013

Trip to France: Day 4: Disneyland

Our last day in France we spent in Disneyland. You wouldn´t believe how magical is this place! Maybe you think you´re too old for that, but I can tell you you´re never too old for Disneyland!
When I first saw the castle of Sleeping Beauty I felt like my dreams came true, it was unbelieveble to see that castle in real life and it was pretty as in TV.
Then we met Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland which is one of my favourite tales, now. 
Oh my god! when we found StarWars section I was amazed! In this section was an atraction of space flight simulation and you could see C3P0, R2D2 and some more robots. I loved that!
Beside therse atraction there were 3 more crazy roller coasters which we loved and really enjoyed them! And also a little bit of tales in our lives couldn´t be bad.
A half hour before we left this magical place something crazy happend. We were standing in front of Castle of Sleeping Beauty and fron right it was raining and from left sun was shine and we were albe to see the most beautiful rainbow in our lives. The rainbow was starting and ending in Disneyland and you could see it entire and then it became doulbe. That was magic! ha?
Then we went for a little shopping of Disney princesses. I bought Rapuzel in little X-mas ball. It´s incredibly gllittery! I love that and she´s my most fave princess ever! When I was little I was pretending I am her and brushing my hair in a window. I loved that.
This day was incredible end of our little trip!


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