2. októbra 2013

Trip to France: Day 3: Paris


Day in Paris. Our last day there. Everything was great. We started at Versailles at unbelieveably long que. We saw all apartmens which were amazing. I love apartment of Mary Antoinette which was so romantic, soft and sweet with so many flowers all around. Then The Mirror apartment was just beautiful and also we saw gardens.
Later that day we went to Eiffel tower. We went by stairs to the second floor and then by lift to the trird floor. The view was incredible. Entire Paris from the tower was so gorgeous. 
Then we went to Montmarte, I love this place the most from all paris. I loved that athmosphere there. you could feel life there, there were so many people. And we were shopping there. Unfortunately, it was Sunday evening, so just souvenir shops were open, but we found one really good.
At the end of this day we went to Seinne. We saw night Paris from ship and our last look was at blinking Eiffel tower.

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