25. septembra 2013

Trip to France: Day 1: Paris

This was our first day in Paris. My friends and I went there a week ago from our school. We really enjoyed it!
Paris was beautiful, by it was unbelievable.
Fist we went to crown catedral in Reims and then we went to Paris, to Notre Dame. In front of Notre Dame is a star, if you stood onto, you would come back there. I stood there, of course. I´m gonna come back there for trip full of love! ♥ Then we went to Louvre, we saw Mona Lisa. She acctually isn´t that much interesting... And we did drive along entire Paris by bus, we saw Chaps Elysees, Arc de Triomphe de l´Ětoile and then Eiffel tower by night. It was wonderful and also we were lucky enought to see it blinking. A-MA-ZING!!!

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