20. júna 2013

Barbie Exhibition

There was Barbie Exhibition in Aupart Bratisla last week. I was there and I loved that! I am huge fan of Barbie, she is my childhood.
All it started with Barbie inspired paintings. Barbie as Picasso´s painting or on the title of Vouge.

Then this first Barbie ever.

Some real life inspired, like this by Vera Wang. I like  her, and few weeks ago I found dress by Very Wand at local thrift shop and it was only 10 euros!!! Big loss was that it was XXL.


Then I found love of my life! Ken! And do you see the kiss on his cheek? Yay!

Some of them were incredibly beautiful. And there were also peaces I had or wanted. It was the best part of it. But the best, best part was that I found HIM! :)
I think it´s pretty crazy!


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