14. júna 2013

All I Ever Wanted Was The World

 (dress Reserved, shoes H&M, earings Forever21, watches Fossil)

My best friend and I went to do a photo shoot a week ago.
It was so crazy! We wanted to go on different place but it wasn´t right for us, so after a lot of moskitos, drink and one dress change at toilettes, we found it.
And look how pretty photos they are.
Acctually it was the one sunny day in that week, all time there was not pretty wearher. I´m so sad because of it, and also of having the latest exams at school.
Keep your fingers crossed for me!

By the way, I am really sorry for late posting. But I didn´t have time, I´m finishing my school and coz´ of this I am soo busy now. And Also I had concert!

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