21. apríla 2013

My Essentials

A little bit of something new!
These things´ve been my favourities lately.
As a first, it is book Anna Kareniny by Tolstoj, which I´ve been reading for a long time and I like is som much!
Since I came from London I live drinking black tea with milk, it´s delitious!
Dark lips, lipstick is by Rimmel (Cutting Edge). My classmate Monika has it also and when I saw it on her I was like: I have to have it! It suites her fabolously!
Mascara! Oh, Gosh, you really don´t know how much I love it! I love Max Factor mascaras, but this one is incredible! It is making my lashes amazing! I just love it!
Gel eyeliner, honestly, I don´t like it that much, but now I don´t have any other, so..
I love that orange nail polish, it is so gorgeous, so summery! It´s by Rimmel in colour Shirley Temple.
And last, my fave song:
I love it, and when I listen it I want to go spopping to some second hand shop for some cheap clothes, it is just f*cking awesome, how he is singing.

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