14. apríla 2013

Hipsta Nails I.

I love this "hipster" nails. I don´t know, but I call them like so.
They are completely random, so you can create whatever you like!

How I did them: I paited all my nails with a base coat to protect them. I painted my pinky finger with dark purple and then a draw white crossing lines with striper and added two dots with dotting tool. Then I painted my ring finger with vintage purple and used few layers of purple gittery nail polish. For my middle finger I udes hot pink nail polish and with tape I created triangle on the bottom and painted rest with light violet colour. I painted my pointy finger with same light violet colour and then created triangle shape, again, but just with brush of nail polish. I also added glittery nail polish. For my thumb I used vintage purple and then created roses. As a last step I used top coat to protect my designes.

I hope you enjoyed!

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