24. marca 2013

Nails Inspired by Pollock

Hello, guys!
Today I am going to show you this nail tutorial ispired by my fave painter, Jackson Pollock.
His paintings you can see as first.
And now, let´s go to the nails. As a first step apply base coat to protect your nails. Then apply two coats of white polish. Now, take tape and wrap it around your nails to protect your skin around nail from dirt and then you won´t need to clean it that much. Choose your colours and open all your polishes. Don´t forget to protect also the place where you are doing your nails or it´s gonna be a big mess as you can see on a picture! Now, dip a straw into nail polish of your choice and blow out nail polish onto your nail. Continue with all fingers and all colours. Then carefully put away tape and clean around your nails. As a last step apply top coat!
I hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial!

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