12. februára 2013

How To Be a Heartbreaker

Are you bored with sweetness of Valentine?
Then, this is the best for you!
How to become a heartbreaker ispired by song by Marina and the Diamonds.

For eyes: Apply eye primer and put gold eyeshadow all over your lid. To the crease apply brown shadow a nd blend it way to create a smokey eye effect. Apply same brown to the lower lash line. Then apply dark brown to the outer corner of your eye. Apply white eyeshadow to the brow bone and inner eye corner. Line your eyes with black eyeliner and do the line thick! With black liner create stropes on your lower lash line as a lashes. Apply generous coats of mascara to your upper and lower lashes.
For cheeks: Apply peachy blush ans as she is singing, put a heart on your cheek.
For lips: Apply nude shimmery lipgloss.
And you´re done for breaking hearts!
Try to don´t break too many...

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