9. januára 2013

Midnight Sky

I love this make-up! It looks so pretty all night.
So, start with a eye shadow primer to prevent creasing and it also hepls shadow to stay till you decide to wash them up. Then with black eye pencil creat outher edge on your outher corner. Make sure that both eyes are same. Smudge it. Now, take black glittery eye shadow and cover with it place where you smudged black pencil and bring it to the crease and to the outher third of your lower lash line. To the center of your eye lids apply white/gold eye shadow. Now, blend everything together as well as you can. Take purple eye shadow and apply it to the rest of your lower lash line. Add white shadow to the inner eye corners and to the brow bone. Add gold glitters to the center of your lids. Line your eyes and extend line to the most of inner eye coner. Your eyes will look more sexy. Add white pencil to your water line and add mascara. If you want you can add false lashes like I did. 
For cheeks use some rosy pink blush and for lips nude lipgloss.
And you are finished! I hope you enjoyed this make-up.

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