5. decembra 2012

Pink Glitters

I love this manicure. It´s so beautiful!
How to: Apply base coat to your nails to protect them. Apply nude nail polish to your nails except ring finger. For better look I recommend applying nail polish in color of glitters under the glitters. It´ll look much prettier! Apply clear nails polish to places where you want to have glitters. In my way to the tips of my nails. Do it really quickly! So, clear coat of polish and then press glitters onto with your finger. Repeat on other nails, and for ring finger apply just clear nails polish and press glitters all over. Apply top coat to your nails to protect glitters from falling down from your nails.
And that´s it! Stay tuned for easy way how to put glitters down from your nails. 

Drblietky!!! :)

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