2. decembra 2012

How to: Bold Lipstick

I think wearing bold lipsticks is just beautiful! You just have to know how to.
How to: If you want to wear some bold lipstick, it doesn´t matter if it´s red, pink or purple etc., your skin must be prerfect, because pigmets which are in lipstick, are appearing skin more red. So, make sure you conceal your face well.
Another important thing is not to wear too much eye make-up. Especially at day! It´ll look overdone and too dramatic for day. Your lipstick will show up better while you are wearing just some simple eye make-up. Like I did. I just lined my eyes with black eye liner, but I kept line really tiny and I didn´t wing at the outher corner. Than I used grey eye shadow to go over black line. Never forget to apply white shadow to your inner eye corner and to your brow bone to look brighter. I applied generous coats of mascara and because I wanted to experiment I applied false demi lashes. (Do you want to know how to?)
For cheeks I applied a little bit of rosy blush.
And the most important thing, how to apply that lipstick! With lip brush I applied my pink lipstick, then I blooted it down. I applied my powder to set it and it also hepls lipstick to stay longer. As a last step I applied more of lipstick for adding more of that colour and to add soft shine to my lips.
And that´s it. Everything you need to know about wearing bold lipsticks throught day! But remember everyone is different to look beautiful you may need more of blush or more of eye make-up, or maybe less.

And don´t forget to smile!

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