23. decembra 2012

Holiday Outfit Inspiration

(1.pic- sweather Pimkie, jeans Stradivarius, watch Fossil, jewelery vintage
2.pic- tee Forever21, skirt Reserverd, tights Forever21, cardigan Stradivarius, shoes H&M, vintage jewelery,
3.pic- blouse Zara, jeans H&M, vintage jewelery) 

Christmas Eve is coming!
Here are some of my tips for you of what to wear!
In the first pictures is a casual outfit for all of you who likes being comfty but yet chick. Norwegian sweather with skinny jeans are always good choise. To add more of  X-mas felling wear some crazy X-mas jewelery as these balls for three.
As a second outfit I chose a really dressy/girly combination of black skirt and purple sleeveles tee. But! It´s cold so I paired it with purple lace tights and black sparkling cardigan. Add some jewelery and high heels to be really girly!
The third outfit is for girls who like wear classic clothes. Wear just white blouse with skinny jeans and add some jewelery.
Hope you got some inspiration!

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