27. októbra 2012

Halloween make-ups: Indy Princess

I really like this look of indy (from India) princess.
Apply foundation, conceal if you need and set everything with powder. Shape your eyebrows and apply eyeshadow base, so they´ll be more intensive and stay longer. Start with shadows: apply goldy white all over your lids, then apply goldy light brown to your crease. To add more depth and dimension of your eyes add dark goldy brown to your outher corner of your eyes.Then apply dark red shadow to your eyes just on little space and colour rest space with gold. Add white to your brow bone and goldy white to your inner eye corners. apply smae light brown shadow onto lower lash line and line your eyes with black eyeliner. Apply macsara.
For cheeks use orangy blush and for lips apply redish lipstick. 
And your Halloween costume is done! Hope you enjoyed!

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