29. októbra 2012

Halloween make-ups: Barbie

I really like this look, it´s so Barbie like!
So, as a fist step apply your foundation a conceal everything what you need and set it with powder. Remeber, you are Barbie So, you have to be PERFECT! Shape your eyebrows with lighter brown. For eyes apply eyeshadow base so your eyeshadows will stay longer. For eyeshadows: apply white all over your eyes. Then apply dark blue to the crease and do it really edgy. Now apply purple onto top of blue and under your eyes. Apply pink next to blue on your lid. Again apply white to your brow bone and to the inner corners with sparkles.Line your upper lash line with black eyeliner and apply false lashes. Blend your and false lashes togerher with macsara. 
For cheeks apply rosy pink blush and contour your face with brown. For lips apply pink lisptick.
So, that´s all, I hope you enjiyed this make-up tutorial. Now, you are perfect as Barbie! :)

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