19. septembra 2012

Purple Eyes!!!

 As a first step apply eyeshadow base, so your eyeshadows will stay longer and they won´t crease. As a first eyeshadow apply nude beige all over your lids. Then take purple color and start building it from outher corner of your eye to the inner corner and add it to the crease. Let a little space without purple over the first half of lash line. Now take a darker purple and build intensity of your look by adding it to the outher V of your eyes. Blend colors together well. Now apply bluish purple underneath your eyes and line your eyes with black pencil. To add a little bit of drama add sparkles to your lash line. For brighten up your eyes apply white shadow to inner corners of your eyes and on your brow bone. For last but not least apply few coats of your favourite mascara.
And you´re done! I hope you enjoyed!

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